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Hangzhou Verychem Science And Technology Co. Ltd. located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province of China, set up on Year 2004. Its main business is regarding exporting pharmaceutical and chemical products of its own and the related group companies, and it also acts as sales agent for all kinds of chemical and pharmaceutical products, import and export the related industry products worldwide.

Business Introduction:

1. Own products’ oversea sales
Company invested two production plants, one research company and three oriented production bases. Company is equipped with good ability of product development, quality control, process improvement and custom synthesis, could supply from gram scale to ton scale production with fast answering and excellent carrying out. Company products are exported to Japan, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Europe and South America, due to its reliable quality, stable supply and professional treatment, it wins good comments from customers.
2. Custom Synthesis
Company is good at chiral synthesis, enzymatic resolution, fast exothermic reaction, Grignard reaction, high vacuum distillation, R&D base has modern facilities like Preparative HPLC, Microreactor etc., could accept highly difficult synthesis, highly difficult separate, high technology valued items' developments and production. Company could handle from gram scale to ton scale custom synthesis, supporting pharmaceutical companies from molecule screening, to clinic trials, until the commercial production after item is approved.
3. Sales Agent of inland and oversea companies’ strong chemical and pharmaceutical products
Export China chemical and pharmaceutical products, import oversea chemical and pharmaceutical products.
4. Import & Export APIs and finished formulations

Export APs & finished Formulations to oversea market. Import API & finished formulations to China Market.

5. APIs and finishied formulations' registration services

We have a professional team to provide impotred/domestic APIs and finished formulations' registration services in China.


CPHI worldwide 2017
Oct.24 to Oct.26, Booth No.101D72
CPHI China 2017
Jun. 20 to Jun.22, Booth No. W2B25
CPhI worldwide 2016
Oct 4th to Oct 6th, Booth No.6C82
CPHI China 2016
Jun. 21 to Jun.23, Booth No. W4C58
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Crotonic acid
6-(4-Hydroxyphenoxy)hexyl acrylate
4-Hydroxybutyl acrylate glycidyl ether
Entecavir API & intermediates
Mirabegron API & intermediates
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Home About us Products Production Custom Synthesis Quality News Contact us
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